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Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, oh my!- September Astrology Forecast

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Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, oh my!- September Astrology Forecast

Photo credit: Nasa

Photo Credit: Nasa

Happy Virgo season everyone! We have quite a full month ahead of us astrologically. Mars retrograde swiftly approaches, with Jupiter and Saturn going station direct this month as well! September is brimming with a ton of energy and movement thats been long coming, so let’s get into it!

The Moon

Astrologically, the moon is the ruler of our emotions and intuition. On the second, we see the full moon passing through watery Pisces. This may be a deeply emotional period, as with most water signs, but especially with mutable Pisces. Now is an amazing time to start formulating your dreams and aspirations, in harmony with your deepest emotional self/desires!

  • Spend some time with yourself
  • Embrace your creative, romantic, and emotional side
  • Journal, listen to your favorite music

The new moon on the 17th falls under Virgo! New moons are all about deep introspection, rest, and infinite creative potential. With the sun in Virgo as well, the introspective powers of the new moon are heightened! This is a great time to plan what it is you want to manifest, and bring order to any chaos you’ve been enduring. Channel the driving energy of Virgo into your goals. Manifest, manifest, manifest!

Mercury in Libra

Mercury leaves analytical Virgo and enters diplomatic Libra on the fifth. Helping to take some of the edge off our minds. Mercury rules communication and the intellect, and Libra is all about peace, balance, and fairness. Meaning fair and collaborative communication becomes first priority. Seek out how to apply some gentleness to yourself and others!

Venus in Leo

Next up on the sixth, we have Venus entering fiery and passionate Leo! Venus oversees pleasure, romance, and relationships. With Venus in cancer over the last month, there was a very nurturing and sentimental energy. Venus in Leo by contrast, has an air of wanting to be seen, putting yourself out there, and just plain flirty fun! Bring confidence, passion, and warm-heartedness back into your relationships and creative endeavors. Don’t take things so seriously!

chart credit: astro-seek

Mars retrograde

Mars is the planet of action, ambition, and aggression. Mars goes station retrograde in Aries, its native sign, on the ninth. But what do retrogrades really mean? Retrogrades represent the influence of the planet turning inwards. It’s all about introspection, analysis, and reformulation. It’s the time to analyze your approach, and see if theres a better way. With Mars in Aries, we need to reflect on themes of:

  • following through on our endeavors
  • learning patience
  • introspecting on excess aggression
  • finding healthy outlets for frustration

Jupiter and Saturn station direct

Mid month on the 13th, Jupiter goes station direct in Capricorn. Jupiter is associated with growth, luck, and expansion. When in goal crushing Capricorn, we are most likely to grow when we take initiative, make concrete plans, and execute them. So all of the internal ground work we’ve been laying during the retrograde is finally ready to be alchemized into action!

Closing out September with a bang, Saturn goes station direct in its native sign of Capricorn on the 29th. Ending what has felt like the longest retrograde of my life! Saturn and Capricorn are both all about boundaries, limitations, order, and control. And again we see themes of implementing the internal lessons we learned during the retrograde, and taking action on them. With Saturn, this can be felt as changing the ways we set boundaries with ourselves and others. When Saturn goes direct, some of the pressure we’ve felt to “get our lives together” is alleviated. Having released that which was holding us back, we are able to move forward with a sense of lightness!

Month ahead reading

The cards I pulled for this month really echo the planets, as they so often do! This month is going to be a period of mastery, alignment, and reflection. Eight of diamonds represents the mastering and development of a skill. In reverse this can mean we need to analyze our approach/work ethic, and get creative with productivity. Taking a look at the spades cards, which rule the mind and intellect, we see the Queen and Jack both reversed. Similar to retrogrades, reversals signify internal versus external influence.

So this means we will have to spend time reflecting on our mental patterns, and how we go about communicating our ideas. But most importantly, we need to be weary of mental burn out during this time. Establish an emotional foundation with yourself via meditation/spiritual practice. Doing so helps create an inner support system for ourselves to fall back on during times of stress (like Mars retrograde).

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