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Written by BRAYDEN DAViS

I have always been so fascinated with anything fantastical, ancient, or magical ever since I was a child! I’m all over anything superstitious, mystical, or occult. So when in high school, getting into reading cards and astrology was a natural progression for me. It got to the point where I started to find cards from my readings in the street. Sometimes a single card, other times I would find whole spreads even! These spooky experiences, along with moving into a violently haunted San Francisco apartment (sounds crazy I know, but I’m dead serious!) led me to start researching other aspects of the occult, holistic health, and astrology. Which has landed me on the spiritual path I’m currently on; and have been studying cartomancy and reading cards for myself, friends, and family for the last five years! I am now running my Instagram @carto.closet!

What I Do

First and foremost I read cards, the fancy term for it being ‘Cartomancy’! Meaning using cards for divination. This can be anything from using playing cards (my favorite), or oracle decks, but people tend to be most familiar with Tarot. The biggest misconception with card reading, is the idea that the cards will tell your fortune, or predict your future. But it’s actually all about the present! The cards more so communicate messages relating to the internal world, or subconscious truths. It’s kind of like a giant mirror, showing us where we are along our life’s journey and goals. They show us the potential outcomes of the seeds being sown in the present; by the people around us, our thoughts or feelings,  opportunities, and choices we do or don’t make. I also combine Tarot with other concepts of holistic health, astrology, and the occult in order to give an all-encompassing reading for the mind, body, and spirit.

How Cards Work

The cards communicate with us by archetypes and symbolism. In traditional tarot there are 78 cards in total. 22 “Major Arcana” which detail the road map to spiritual fulfillment, and 56 “Minor Arcana” representing the entirety of the human experience. The Minor Arcana are divided into the four suits of Swords/Spades, Cups/Hearts, Wands/Clubs, Pentacles/Diamonds, and are identical to playing cards. Each card with their unique meaning, based on the number, suit, and imagery.

  • Swords/Spades: Rules the mind, mental processes/schema, and the element of air.
  • Cups/Hearts: Rules the emotions, intuition, love/romance, and the element of water.
  • Clubs/Wands: Rules communication, the spirit, creativity, ambition, and the element of fire. 
  • Pentacles/Diamonds: Rules the material world, wealth/career, the body/health, and the element of earth.

How The Cards Can Help You

Life is not easy for any of us, and sometimes we just need a little perspective. Maybe you’ve had traumatic experiences you need to heal from, maybe you just want to discover yourself, or maybe you’re entirely lost and in need of guidance. Whatever the case, the cards are an unrivaled tool for unveiling inner truths and insights. They reveal to us key lessons and archetypes underlying our lives and experiences. I like to think of every reading like a little check up,  letting us know where we are at, or what changes to make along our path. The cards are the ultimate reflection, and offer a glimpse of our true selves and infinite potential with each reading.

In my experience, tarot has helped me evolve into a much more present, mindful, and spiritual person. I feel deeply connected to myself, and the world going around us. The cards have given me a sense of wisdom, equilibrium, and inner harmony that wouldn’t have been possible without the cards. I truly feel that with an open mind and the right intentions, Tarot can change your life!

Where To Find Me

For more about the cards, or to book me for a reading you can follow me on Instagram @carto.closet. There I post more about Tarot, spirituality, astrology, and things you can do to get started on your own spiritual practice!

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  1. Jebb says:

    Sooo fascinating! Excited to follow your spiritual journey(s) and learn from/with a relatable example and trusted guiding voice!!!

    1. Brayden Davis says:

      Thank you for your comment, totally appreciated! I’m so happy you enjoyed this, and got something from it! I look forward to sharing more through the column!

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