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The Mount Vesuvius of 2020 Astrology— November’s Tarot and Astrology Forecast

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The Mount Vesuvius of 2020 Astrology— November’s Tarot and Astrology Forecast

By: Brayden Davis

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Welcome to Scorpio season! The astrology of this month has quite a bit less movement than October, not to say that it won’t still be an eventful month. Within the first week of November we have all the Cardinal signs containing their natural planetary rulers, with the Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aries, Venus in Libra, and Saturn in Capricorn. As the cardinal signs are the catalysts and initiators of the zodiac, November is a huge turning point for the collective. The most intense week out of this month is without a doubt the week of the 15th, when the Scorpio sun sextiles Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. This is where the majority of the contentious aspects (how the planets interact) come into play. So let’s get into it!


Mercury has finally turned station direct on the 3rd taking a slight edge off, although we are not in the smoothest waters yet. If you had to pay attention to only one planet this month, its Mercury.

One of the most important aspects for the planet of Mercury this month, is Saturn squaring Mercury from November 1st— the 6th. Saturn rules limitation, restriction, and boundaries; while Mercury represents the mind, intellect, and communication. So clear communication and information may be a struggle during this week, and will inhibited with the strict and rigid influence of Saturn in Capricorn. This is the conflict between just and fair expression with Mercury in Libra, with the desire for structure, normalcy, and status quo of Saturn in Capricorn. Be mindful of negative thinking or pessimism, and make sure you don’t allow your mind and mental patterns to confine you too heavily.

After Mercury Retrograde retreated back into Libra for the tail end of October, on the 10th of November Mercury finally moves into intense Scorpio once again. This is a time when we will have to utilize the intuitive and inquisitive abilities of Scorpio in search of the truth. Deeply transformative information, or communication may come about during this time. The challenge of this transit comes when needing to actually verbalize our perceptions and analysis, in a way that is incisive but not divisive.

Once here, Mercury opposes both Lilith (dark side, hidden motives), and the planet of rebellion, uprising, and reformulation— Uranus (retrograde). This brings chaotic change, and tumult through communication. In a collective sense, it is very possible to see shocking information come out that incites mass uprising. We may feel the pressure to be analyzing and changing societal structures as well, as Mercury moves into Scorpio and sextiles Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter at the end of this month. This could be read as a reimagining of societal structures as we know them, through political unrest and upheaval.

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The Moon

The first lunation of the month is a new moon in Scorpio on the 14th. New moons mark beginnings, infinite potential, and creative darkness. We may feel our emotions very deeply and with much intensity during this time. Making it imperative to center yourself and needs, take some alone to introspect. This moon asks us to get in touch with our deepest truths, and to release and transmute any inhibitions. This is a very transformative moon, and it asks us to understand new life and growth comes from reformation and destruction of old structures.

Then on the 30th, the moon is full in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, for this reason theres a lightness and affability with Gemini. The purpose of this full moon is to take the truth and transformation brought by the previous new moon, and apply it with innovative forward movement. The adaptability of this sign will be crucial in finding the solutions to the problems and challenges that were illuminated by the other planetary transits of weeks prior. Similar to the last lunation, this is an inquisitive time. Whereas Scorpio is concerned with deep analysis of structures and situations, Gemini applies their enquiring minds towards solutions.


November is another wildly busy month for the planet Venus, ruling over relationships, pleasure, creative expression, and romance. Venus begins and ends this month in opposition. Starting off the month with an opposition to Mars retrograde in Aries on the 9th. This transit will force us to analyze our role in our relationships, and what we mean in relation to each other as a collective. Theres a tension palpable in our relationships due to the stifled energy of Mars retrograde. Try to keep a balanced view of your relationships, and find ways to vent excess aggression in order to avoid unnecessary conflict. Though do understand a conflict may be necessary in order to reach resolution.

Throughout the week of the 15th the tension being built up since the 9th will reach its peak. As Venus squares Jupiter and Pluto (conjunct), as well as Saturn on the 19th. Jupiter (the planet of growth, expansion, and optimism) conjunct Pluto (the planet of transformation, death/rebirth, destruction/creation) already equates to growth and change through transformative destruction. When you add Venus into the mix, this may be felt in the structures we navigate societally, as well as in our personal relationships. This is a transit demanding change and movement. Especially after Venus migrates into Scorpio on the 21st.

Finishing off November, Venus opposes Lilith on the 24th and Uranus (Rx) on the 27th. Venus opposing Lilith may be felt as any resentment or unresolved issues bubbling up to the forefront. These feelings underly the opposition between Venus and Uranus retrograde, and may boil to a conflict with friends and family. This transit may cause a dramatic change or reformulation in our relationships, and may make any issues and wounds as a collective impossible to ignore.

Neptune and Mars— Station Direct

Mars stations direct on the 14th, bringing the desire for action and ambition. Mars retrograde illuminated blockages, and ways we could better our approach. Now station direct, we can take what we learned and implement it moving forward. This gives us the burst of energy we need to go full steam ahead with our goals, plans, and aspirations with true Aries passion.

Then at the very end of November Neptune stations direct as well, in the sign of Pisces. Neptune rules dreams, mysticism, spirituality, and illusions. This retrograde influence has been felt as rediscovering what your dreamy aspirations are, and what our sense of purpose is. Due to covid, many people have found time to realign themselves with their highest good. Now station direct in transcendental Pisces, again we see themes of the reimagining of our reality. This may bring back a sense of hope needed to pursue compassionate changes in society.

Month Ahead Tarot Reading

These cards signify a huge release period for us as a collective, and individuals. It may feel like a strenuous emotional time, where things are falling apart. But know this is an opportunity for that which is not in alignment with ourselves and values to naturally fall away from our lives. This is a time for holding space for our emotions, and the emotions of others. The things and feelings we’ve been trying to avoid are begging for our attention and acknowledgement. Change can be some of the scariest experiences we encounter, but magic happens when we embrace it. This is part of the process of transmuting or alchemizing our pain into new growth. There are so many opportunities in this month to transform the structures inside us, and those we navigate. With the ending of one era, we begin another!

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