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Traipsing the Libra Season Tightrope—October Astrology and Tarot Forecast

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Traipsing the Libra Season Tightrope—October Astrology and Tarot Forecast

chart credit: Astro-seek

The Sun

For the majority of the month the Sun remains in Libra. Lavish Libra is the great balance bringer. Libra is sensitive, compassionate, and sensual. This sign is very much concerned with equity and justice both on a large scale sense, but also in regards to one-to-one communication and relationships.

Towards the end of the month on the 21st, we have the Sun entering intense and mysterious Scorpio. Because it is a fixed sign, along with Taurus and Leo, there is a degree of stubbornness during Scorpio season. Scorpio is all about cutting straight to the underlying motivations and feelings behind what people say and do. Deeply intuitive, perceptional, and transformative, Scorpio is one of the great harbingers of truth in the Zodiac. Catapulting these themes to the front of the collective consciousness.

The Moon

October is a busy month for Luna, as we have two full moons within one month! On the first, we have a fiery full moon in Aries. There may be a slight air of agitation and soreness, as the Moon is meeting up with Chiron, and Mars retrograde in Aries as well. But overall, this full moon will provide us a confrontational, courageous, and passionate burst of energy to channel preferably into our healing! Make sure to watch out for impulsive decisions and words during this time. Now is a great time to let go of blockages, while practicing patience. Flexibility is the key right now, and crucial to taking advantage of the release available to us this full moon!

The new moon enters Libra on the 16th, and is all about reflecting on balance. Loving Libra gives us an opportunity to examine how we can best apply compassion to ourselves and others. This new moon is also justice oriented, as is the nature of Libra, and asks us to find fairness in our emotional perceptions/world. Although the new moon is a great time for solitude and reflection, you may find yourself wanting to have fun with both the sun and moon in Libra. Center yourself around people and things that inspire you! Ask yourself what seeds can you plant now to bring a sense of balance back into your life?

And now for the main lunar event of the month- a blue moon in Taurus on Halloween night! A blue moon happens when there are two full moons within a one month period. Full moons represent abundance, peaking of energy, manifestation, and completion. In Taurus, this looks like treating yourself to what gives you pleasure via the arts, rest and relaxation, connecting with nature, and sensual experiences. Be vigilant about stubbornness, now is a great time to reflect and release any stagnation thats been troubling you.

This is also an incredibly powerful full moon for those for those who are spiritual, as the associations of the full moon are coupled with the meanings of Halloween. There is so much beautiful symbolism behind Halloween- or Samhain for my witchy folks- beyond trick-or-treating and dressing up. Samhain celebrates:

  • The power of liminality
  • Honoring ancestors and loved ones
  • Venerating the changes of the seasons
  • The process of death and rebirth


At the end of September, on the 27th, Mercury entered deep and dark Scorpio. This transit grants us the ability of emotional perception, and seeing the underlying truth behind people’s words. Mercury is direct in Scorpio until the 13th of October. We then enter the infamous Mercury retrograde. As Mercury rules communication and the intellect, when in retrograde the channels of communication and thought can get murky. The influence of this planet is then turned inward. Especially in Scorpio, we will be called to analyze and understand not just our own thought process, but other’s as well. We’ll need to rely on the intuitive powers of Scorpio to get us through the lack of clear communication of Mercury RX.

Then on the 27th Mercury retrograde regresses back into Libra, where it will stay until the 10th of November; after having gone station direct on the 3rd of November. Coincidentally this is also the day of the U.S. presidential election. Although it stations direct on this day, Mercury has a retrograde shadow of two weeks before and after its backspin. The shadow period after Mercury stations direct is a time of reflection on the themes that came up during its retrograde. This has the potential to cause quite a murky election process rife with obscurity, although everyone should make their own conclusions.


On the second, pleasure driven Venus enters earthy Virgo. Virgo is very analytical and requires an approach grounded in pragmatism. Virgo craves everything to be in its perfect place, and is greatly motivated by detail oriented work. There will be a desire for security in our relationships, how we express love, and how we take pleasure during this time. Virgo wants us to analyze if our relationships, and our functions/dynamics within them, are where they should be. There is a degree of order bringing here, but be weary of worry and hyper-analytical extremes when reflecting on relationships.

Venus then enters one of its native signs, Libra on the 28th of October. This brings back a sense of lightness to our dealings with family, friends, and significant others. Romance is put back onto the center stage with this transit. Both Libra and Venus, are very sensual and aware of the pleasures of the physical world. Art, love, media, fashion, and good food/drink are in full force! Enjoy the flirty fun of this placement to lighten up the deep intensity of Scorpio season.


After having been in retrograde since April 25th, Pluto now goes station direct in Capricorn on the 4th of October. Pluto rules transformations, the dichotomies of death and rebirth, creation and destruction, and beginnings and endings. Capricorn is all about traditionalism, strong societal and material structures, and achievement. Perhaps this speaks to the era that we are in currently. In which large societal frame works and structures are being interrogated, revealed, and overturned!

Month ahead card reading

The energy of October might be slightly oppositional and contentious. Our focus may shift inward as we work toward our healing. We feel the deeply rooted desire for balance and normalcy right now within crisis. And are striving to create stable foundations, perhaps both emotionally and materially. This is pitted against the need for radical change, transformation, and release of old wounds or energies that are no longer serving us. There are so many opportunities within this month to rediscover our personal truths, narratives, and priorities, as individuals and as a collective. We should be asking ourselves, what’s important to us? This period may feel like a great balancing act, but by reconnecting with our core values and operating out of this lens, we have the chance to move forward.

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