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Fashion, Sustainability

A Journey into Thrifting and Buying Second-hand

By: Elizabeth Franco Growing up finding my sense of style wasn’t always easy. In high school, there was a norm of how other girls would dress and I often felt that I wasn’t fitting into what others wore. As I became friends with my best friend, Juliana, she exposed me to the world of fashion …

Inclusive and diverse models posing for the fashion show
Inclusivity & Diversity

The Fashion Industry in 2020: Inclusivity, Diversity, Sustainability and more

Featured Image: The Fashion Spot Fashion has touched every culture in the world. It can spark powerful conversations and give individuals a sense of belonging. It is meant to show one’s personality and creativity. Although fashion may be meant for every person, this of course has never been the case in the industry. Instead, it …

Culture, Mental Health, Social Media

Lack of Transparency on Social Media: The Impact It Has On Mental Health & Body Image

Illustration Credit: Rami Niemi With great technological advancements in the past decade, social media has become the most transformative and impactful tool within our society. It has forever changed the way we communicate with others, how we receive information, and how we view ourselves. Although transformative, social media has cultivated a false sense of reality, …

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