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The Bridge to 2021– January Tarot and Astrology Forecast

Happy Capricorn season! I hope everyone’s holidays were filled with warmth and joy, and that the new year brings you bright blessings! Although it is the Gregorian new year, astrologically January isn’t quite as much of a reset. Think of January’s astrology as a thematic bridge to 2021, in that we’re transitioning and tying up …

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The Mount Vesuvius of 2020 Astrology— November’s Tarot and Astrology Forecast

By: Brayden Davis Welcome to Scorpio season! The astrology of this month has quite a bit less movement than October, not to say that it won’t still be an eventful month. Within the first week of November we have all the Cardinal signs containing their natural planetary rulers, with the Moon in Cancer, Mars in …

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Traipsing the Libra Season Tightrope—October Astrology and Tarot Forecast

chart credit: Astro-seek The Sun For the majority of the month the Sun remains in Libra. Lavish Libra is the great balance bringer. Libra is sensitive, compassionate, and sensual. This sign is very much concerned with equity and justice both on a large scale sense, but also in regards to one-to-one communication and relationships. Towards …

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Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, oh my!- September Astrology Forecast

Photo Credit: Nasa Happy Virgo season everyone! We have quite a full month ahead of us astrologically. Mars retrograde swiftly approaches, with Jupiter and Saturn going station direct this month as well! September is brimming with a ton of energy and movement thats been long coming, so let’s get into it! The Moon Astrologically, the …

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