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From the AMNiTEAM


Hello! We’re so glad you stopped by. Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on outreach and virtual scouting, brainstorming future ideas, and executing goals. One of our goals was to create a website. AMNiMODA is thrilled to have launched this project in order to expand our content and platform for our audience.

So, what are we doing?

The AMNiTEAM aims to cultivate a community where like-minded individuals come together to be apart of a greater change towards body positivity, inclusivity, and diversity. We hope to provide a space for individuals to uplift one another and broaden their knowledge of underrepresented cultures and ideas. We urge our audience to continue to be accepting of everyone and everything.

At AMNiMODA, through our day to day research and discussion, we are continuously learning and evolving. We are so excited to share stories, spark discussions of different topics, and educate along the way. We can’t wait to share more of our topics and discoveries with you. Our website will be a continued work in progress; an ebb and flow of growth. We encourage our AMNicommunity to share feedback, comments, and photo submissions! If you have a story or style you’d like to share, head to the submissions page. If you don’t have a story to share, but would still like to be part of our community, please go to the ‘Join the Movement!’ page.

We hope that in the near future, we can begin to (safely) go out, meet and take pictures of stylish diverse individuals on the streets of Los Angeles again. As we grow, we plan to create more content. This includes collaborations, interviews, podcasts, merchandise, and more so stay tuned! The AMNiMODA team thanks our community for your continued support.

AMNiMODA is a growing community and is available on multiple social media platforms. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Want to know first hand on all our updates and exclusive content? Subscribe here!

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