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The Bridge to 2021– January Tarot and Astrology Forecast

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The Bridge to 2021– January Tarot and Astrology Forecast

Happy Capricorn season! I hope everyone’s holidays were filled with warmth and joy, and that the new year brings you bright blessings! Although it is the Gregorian new year, astrologically January isn’t quite as much of a reset. Think of January’s astrology as a thematic bridge to 2021, in that we’re transitioning and tying up any remaining loose ends from 2020. The busiest planets this month are Uranus, Mars, and Mercury. Although not purely optimistic, we are still energized and guided by Capricorn season’s drive to bring orderly structure back into our lives. As we sift through the rubble of 2020, Capricorn inspires us to begin rebuilding as we move into Aquarius season!


Mercury will enter the sign of Aquarius on the 8th of January, chased by the Sun on the 19th, joining Saturn and Jupiter. Marking the third and fourth celestial bodies to ingress the fixed air sign. This seems to serve as a collective emphasis on Aquarian pursuits of progress, innovation, freedom, and humanitarianism; magnified by the sun’s influence here as well. This is especially highlighted again as Mercury conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, and also squares Uranus and Mars all within early January. Mercury then ends the month stationing retrograde January 30th; allowing us to internalize and introspect on any lessons or challenges that arise during January.

With Mercury here, this may manifest as the desire to speak up and advocate for issues and causes that impassion you. With Mercury conjunct Pluto some difficult feelings or situations may come about, the beauty of this transit is we are given the opportunity to address them and heal. Then Mercury conjunct Saturn and Jupiter delivers us from obscurity and shows us a new path forward. Though with the squares to Mars and Uranus, be cautious of conflict, curtness, and obstinacy rearing their heads. As these squares are happening in fixed signs, a tendency to hold in our feelings until they erupt may be present. These transits ask us to utilize the airy energy of Aquarius to detach and focus your mind on what you’d like to accomplish. The visionary perspective of Aquarius lends itself nicely to reflecting on how best to use discourse to construct a future that empowers not just ourselves, but the collective at large.


Having been in one of its domicile signs of Aries for the latter half of 2020, Mars finally moves into lush and plush Taurus on January 6th! For some this may be a necessary break from the intensity and pressure provided by Mars in Aries. For others, the slow and steady pace of Taurus may feel limiting and stifling. The former is most definitely preferred by Mars, as Taurus is its sign of detriment; meaning through the sign of Taurus, it’s harder for Mars’ energy to manifest and express itself. Themes of patience through challenges, knowing when to take rest, and security arise during this transit. Here Taurus asks us to ground our approach in steadiness and perseverance. As Mars inflames and illuminates desire, be mindful of over indulgence in Taurus’ pleasures: defensiveness, stubbornness, materialism, and over-consumption.

On the 20th Mars, the Moon, and Uranus conjoin, charging the ambient frustration of Mars in Taurus with the erratic and shocking energy of newly station direct Uranus. Coincidentally, this is the same day as the US Presidential Inauguration. With both of these planets locking arms in fixed sign Taurus, this may be felt as extreme aggression, volatility, an eruption of unrest/upset, and a sudden change or shock to institutional structures. The planets in Taurus also form a square to the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter in Aquarius. This may manifest in the collective as a major dissonance between the desires of progress, reform, and restructuring; and the desire to overthrow, resist, and revolutionize brought by Mars conjunct Uranus. To say the least, tensions run high as Mars and Uranus joyously stoke the fire!

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The Moon

This January we are given two lunations. On the 13th the new moon falls under Capricorn, recentering our perspective on bringing in structure and order. Use this energy to take stock of your life, and make changes accordingly. We are given the opportunity to start anew by choosing to commit to ourselves or goals. Capricorn supports our aspirations via methodology and a cleanly executed long term plan. A heaviness could be present during this lunation, as we may have a hard time exercising forgiveness and compassion with ourselves and others. For what this new moon may lack in tenderness, it makes up in self-empowerment allowing us to take responsibility for ourselves. This is a great new moon to manifest self-sufficiency, work/business plans, or embarking on anything requiring commitment and discipline.

The moon will be full on the 28th, shining brightly in the sign of Leo! This full moon is heavily gate-kept by the planets in Aquarius, as it opposes the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. The energy of this full moon should be used to step into your light, and identify and release any blockages towards owning your authentic self. Name your fears and limitations, and channel the fearless courage of Leo to smash through your self-imposed limitations. During this time we take the drive and dedication of the previous new moon, and apply it as we go after our goal. Take advantage of the beautiful generosity of the moon in Leo, and step into your light!


Venus, planet of love, romance, relationships, art, pleasure, and money, enters serious and severe Capricorn on January 8th. When Venus is here, she takes on the hyper-maturity of Capricorn and is very commitment oriented. Love is reserved and very weighty with Venus in Capricorn, and is more sensitive here than she cares to admit. We may experience challenges in opening up and expressing ourselves during this transit. Only because Capricorn is careful with whom they reveal themselves to, and enjoys quality relationships and connections that endure. As opposed to spontaneous short term connections that won’t last. During this transit Venus wants us to find like-minded people who can support our interests and ambitions; whether that be artistically, professionally, or romantically. She asks, where can you commit?

Tarot Forecast

As I mentioned before so much of what Capricorn season is about surrounds assessing your life, and asking where would I benefit from structure? Similarly 7 of diamonds reversed asks us to be mindful of how we’re using our resources. In the words of Ariana, how have you been spending your time? Where can you better place your energy? How can you ground your approach in pragmatism? 2 of Spades speaks to a collective anxiety or avoidance, and lack of clarity surrounding an issue. This card can also represent swinging between extreme states, and a need to look within yourself to find a balanced solution in line with your values. This card gently urges us to remove our blindfold.

The last two cards are much lighter in nature. 4 of clubs is a beautiful card of love, joy, home, success, and harmony! It asks us to allow ourselves to celebrate our achievements. Look back on the last year and how much you survived and thrived, despite all that was going on. That is a major accomplishment! The last card, Ace of diamonds is a card near and dear to me, so much so I have it tattooed on my neck! It represents prosperity and a new beginning of abundance. This card, as all aces in the tarot, has a feeling of hope and optimism. This card speaks to all the opportunities available to us, if only we take advantage!

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